Familiar, yet updated and refined. Built for today...and for the future.

  • Drop in replacement for the Classic Essbase Add-In
  • High performance, comparable to the Classic Essbase Add-In
  • Essbase 9.3.0 and higher
  • Excel 2010, Excel 2013, and ready for Excel 2016
  • Essbase Spreadsheet Toolkit / VBA Support
  • No training required

As the classic Essbase add-in fades into the sunset, there is an ever-growing demand and sense of urgency for a comparable product to provide the same ease of use and Essbase-centric ad-hoc capabilities within Excel. By leveraging the state of the art technology developed for our flagship product, Applied OLAP is uniquely positioned to deliver the next generation of the classic Essbase add-in.

Ad-hoc Essbase Operations

Single-click access to standard Essbase operations

1 AdhocEssbaseOperationsAndMembers Ribbon  2 AdhocEssbaseOperations ContextMenu

Options at Your Fingertips
Easy access to common Essbase options
3 EssbaseOptions Ribbon 

Sign On
Point-and-click Essbase Connections
5 SignOn TaskPane 6 SignOn Recent

Undo and Redo
Flash back and flash forward across multiple operations
7 UndoMenu Crop 

Unknown Members
Easy Essbase query validation
8 UnknownMembers AllWorksheets 

VBA Support
Existing Essbase macros run virtually unchanged
9 VBA EssVRetrieve 

Status at a Glance
Up-to-date context-sensitive information
10 StatusBar 
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