Users Love Spreadsheets, But IT and Internal Audit Hate Them

It is not necessary to rework your entire process. Dodeca provides the structure required and the flexibility desired for your company's critical planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis demands. With the control and accountability that Dodeca provides, IT and Internal Audit can love spreadsheets, too. Dodeca brings your existing Microsoft Excel workbooks into a safe, secure, and managed environment that makes it easy to dynamically access corporate data while limiting the opportunity for user errors.


Build, Manage, Control

Dodeca builds, manages, and controls your corporate spreadsheets.

  • Dodeca automates spreadsheets by combining your Microsoft Excel workbooks with your corporate data sources, including Oracle Essbase, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and many others.
  • Dodeca manages spreadsheets centrally in a secure server and uses patented technology to ensure Dodeca users always receive up to date information. The Dodeca server is a focal point for collaboration and leverages the expertise of your spreadsheet power users across the enterprise.
  • Dodeca controls the user interaction with your spreadsheets, giving IT and Internal Audit the manageability and accountability necessary to have confidence in the integrity of the data.

Plan, Report, Analyze

Companies use Dodeca for a variety of business applications including planning, reporting and analysis. Whether it is a simple data-gathering application, or a high-visibility, mission-critical system used across the enterprise, Dodeca gives companies a distinct competitive advantage.

Dodeca Does It!

Companies utilize the many features of Dodeca to run mission critical spreadsheet applications.

  • Fast and easy user interaction with Essbase and SQL data sources
  • Write-back to both Essbase and SQL data sources
  • Commentary to provide, organize, and store for variance analysis
  • Drill-through to everywhere, including the transactional level
  • Access multiple data sources including multiple Essbase cubes and relational data in a single report
  • Audit Logging to provide true accountability
  • High performance Essbase Ad-hoc compatibility.

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