The following videos are intended both as an introduction to Dodeca for the uninitiated, as well as an in-depth look at some of Dodeca's more advanced functionalities for those wishing to develop more sophisticated Dodeca applications.

Recording of Past Webinars


Harness the Power of SQL in your Spreadsheets with Dodeca
Strategic Workforce Planning with Dodeca
Introduction to Essbase MDX for Reporting
ICYMI – Dodeca Symposium Highlights, Kscope19
It's all in the Details... Drill through made easy with Dodeca
Commentary in Essbase Reports with Dodeca
Dodeca User Group Virtual Meeting, February 2019
Convert Your Excel / Essbase Spreadsheets to Dodeca
Reporting That Stays in Sync with Your Business
Introduction to MDX for Advanced Reporting in Dodeca
On the Fly Member Calculations with MDX in Dodeca
Meet Dodeca: Your One Stop Shop for Business Solutions with Essbase and SQL
Dodeca Symposium Highlights (2017)
How to Use Excel Functions to Generate Dynamic Months and Years in Dodeca
Finance and Accounting. Analyze. Plan. Report. Quickly, with Confidence
The Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase. It's ok to upgrade Microsoft Excel and Essbase. Really..
Drillbridge - Drop in Drill-through Solution for Essbase, Planning, PBCS, Smart View, and Financial Reporting
A Whirlwind Introduction to Essbase on the Cloud
Data Bars, Gradients, and Icons - Oh My!
ICYMI - Dodeca Symposium Highlights (2018)


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Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System


Introduction to Dodeca
Installing Dodeca
The Sample Application

Quick Tours

Creating a New Dodeca Application
Creating an Essbase Excel View
Creating a SQL Excel View

Advanced Topics

Workbook Scripts
Additional Operations
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